Zone control for underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is something that is becoming more popular with Narrowboats, motorhomes and horseboxes etc.
It is perfectly feasible to use underfloor heating with a diesel fired heater, but up until now it has been a bit of an issue! Cost, temperature control and floor height have all been problematic. Various solutions have been tried, but they are always a compromise. Usually a household system is adapted to fit with flow manifolds, thermostatic valves, auxiliary pumps and loss of head height due to raised flooring.

Our system is a very simple solution, allowing the use of an Eberspächer or Webasto type diesel fired water heater and the use of standard 15mm poly pipe. Our thermostatically controlled valve will cut the water flow to under the floor as soon as the area or floor reaches the desired temperature. No manifolds or secondary pumps are required, and virtually no loss of head room. And it can all be done in 12 or 24V DC.

What does a zone kit consist of?

Room thermostat for area control

Full flow actuator valve for water flow control
Floor temperature controller

Simple operation, simple wiring.

An example of underfloor heating fitted to a Narrowboat.

A flow and return pipe is fitted to the heater. A tee piece fitted into the flow pipe is connected to our actuator valve and then passes under the floor and back into the return line. Each zone (area to be heated) is controlled by a floor temperature sensor and room thermostat.
The flow and return pipe can still be used to heat radiators, matrix units, towel rads etc.

Many underfloor heating companies, now supply ultra thin pre-grooved and foil coated insulation boards that don’t require any further insulation beneath them. It is also possible to fit 25mm insulation panel, then lay 18mm plywood and router this to accept the pipe and lay your engineered wood on top of this. Either way it makes for a very low floor with very little loss of head height.

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