Zone temperature control for air heaters

Electronic duct damper. Stainless steel construction. High temperature silicone seal for quiet operation. One size fits all.

Fitting this duct damper into the ductwork that feeds any closable outlet, gives complete automated temperature control over the area to be heated.

The main duct run of most air heaters is between 60mm to 100mm but in 99% of all installations any branch off the main route will be from 50mm to 75mm. By adding duct reducers most installations can be accommodated.

How it works:
Blown air heating must have at least one permanently open outlet to ensure the heater can’t overheat. This permanently open outlet is normally situated in the main living area along with the heaters temperature control thermostat. Each separate area to be heated would normally have a manually closable outlet.
Each duct feeding these separate areas can now be fitted with an electronic duct damper controlled from a room thermostat, ensuring that area is kept at what ever temperature is desired.

Simple straightforward wiring and operation.