About us

Trad Solutions was founded by Peter Collard, following 27 years’ installing, repairing and designing marine and vehicle diesel fired heating systems. The last 12 of those years spent working for Eberspächer UK as a technical engineering manager and project manager. Peter is also a British Standards Institute nominated expert for marine heating.

During his time at Eberspächer, Peter noticed, that although diesel fired heaters had evolved over the years to become quieter, smaller, more efficient. The ancillary components haven’t! After hunting around, the parts required to up-grade these items either didn’t exist or hadn’t been invented yet.

Trad Solutions was conceived to develop efficient, quiet matrix blowers, automated cabin temperature controls for air heating. Low power solutions for small yacht water heating, 12 and 24V DC underfloor systems for Narrowboats and campervans. And above all, more efficient ways of utilising diesel fired heaters of any make or model.